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An image editor has to stand out from the rest for some specific feature, since there are so many out there on the market. In the case of Photomizer, there is no one feature that towers above the rest, however the combination of many good options and great results make Photomizer a program you should definitely take into account when retouching your images.

The ensemble of well-organized options in an interface that is not difficult at all for the average user is something that grabs your attention. Photomizer offers a bunch of effects and improvements for your photos and you can access them in a simple way, without having to scour through complicated menus.

Load the image and carry out a couple tests with all the different light effects, contrasts, brightness, size changes, orientation and filters. Don’t worry about the original image, it will remain intact until you decide to save the results, so you can experiment as much as you want. You can also do this with a group if images and apply the same effect to all of them at once; this will save you precious time. Choose one size for all of them, one tone, or a frame and batch-modify them with just one click.

Supported input formats include: JPG, BMP, TIFF y RAW (.raw, .crw, .orf, .3fr, .nef, .tiff, .raf, .nrw, .dng, .cr2 and .arw), and you can save the images as JPG or BMP.
By Álvaro Toledo
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